Can I have two email accounts set up with an Iphone 5c?

I really want to know if I can have more than one email such as gmail, yahoo, etc. account set up with an Iphone. More specifically my Iphone 5c. Because I want to be able to access certain emails and I only use two emails more than others. But they are both with the same company (example gmail.) And I have specific emails for specific and certain things. I also want to be able to get full usage out of my Iphone 5c.

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    Yes you can configure as many email addresses to work at the same time on your iphone
    ie. a personal gmail address, a work gmail address, a professionnal icloud address, a "spam" hotmail address

    You'll have 2 option: look at your messages via the unified inbox which will list all your message
    or you can check each inbox individually with their own messages
    To configure more email addresses: Setting -> Mail, contact, calendar -> Add an account

    • Answered by Sebastien L from Quebec
    • Jul 2, 2014
  • Outlook email app is free for iOS devices . It is very easy to use with lot of features , you can configure all your emails by following the steps given by the app

    • Answered by Shanmugavadivelu M from Chennai
    • Feb 18, 2015
  • Yes. Go to the mail app, then add another account.

    • Answered by Victor K from Zlatograd
    • Jun 2, 2014