can i just buy minutes for an iphone 4s instead of a buying a contract?

I saw on the website where I could buy an iphone 4s 16gb for $99; this is just the phone, no contract or anything. So I was wondering if I could just buy minutes for it, instead of having to pick a plan, where even if it's a company where u don't have a contract (like T-Mobile)--you'd still have to make monthly payments. So I just thought that it would be cheaper to buy a certain amount of minutes whenever I need them; vs. the cellphone company each month.

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  • With the iPhone 4s… if you've bought an unlocked it means that you need to use it as an iPod or what have you. But if you bought it to use as an everyday cell phone then you need to go to a cell phone carrier and get a plan witch you can get plans that have limited minutes or unlimited minutes.
    Hope this helped you Jasmine P!

    • Answered by Diana C from Fairfax
    • Dec 25, 2014