Can I send an iPad to Pakistan? Will it work?

I want to buy an iPad for my mom who lives in Pakistan. If I buy it here in the US, will it work in Pakistan? If so, what would she need to set it up?? She's not tech savvy so the set up cannot be complicated.

Also, can I register the iPad under my account and just give her my info so it's easier for her to use? I'm not sure if she would be able to create her own account.

Mainly, I just want her to have a good device to share pictures, email and Skype. She'll hardly use any other features. In my opinion, iOS operating system is easier to use than most others which is why I want to buy an iPad vs any other Android device. She won't be able to figure those out, I know that. And iPads sold in Pakistan may or may not be authentic.

Please advise what the best option would be. Thanks!

1 Answer from the Community

  • Yes u can send iPad. it will work completely work in Pakistan but it should not be iCloud locked.

    • Answered by Awais J from Khalid Garden, Renala Khurd
    • Nov 28, 2014