Can my iPhone 5 with sprint carrier be unlock for T mobile carrier

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    Yes you can use this phone with t-mobile. It is compatiable with gsm networks, you just may not get full LTE speed because different companies use different channels for their LTE and that phone may not be able to use the one you want. Everything else will work and internet will be 3g/4g. The problem is you need to get phone unlocked first before you can use it. Contact sprint or a 3rd party unlocking service.

    • Answered by Brian L from Columbus
    • May 6, 2015
  • I suspect not. Sprint is on a CDMA network & Tmobile uses a GSM protocol. Verison & sprint share the CDMA aplication while
    AT&T & TMobile both use the GSM network. It should be noted that I was told by a Verison rep that my
    factory unlocked iphone 5
    cannot be used with Verison; It needed to be a iphone that was religated to Verison by Apple corp. Best wishes.....

    • Answered by Eddy A from Margate
    • Dec 28, 2014
  • No because T-Mobile's cellphone network is GSM & Sprint's cellphone network is CDMA.

    • Answered by Karen Y from San Francisco
    • Dec 17, 2013