Can the Iphone 5 do multiple things at once on the verizon network?

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    as in talk and use the internet at the same time, no. Verizon's 4G LTE/3G doesn't work when you receive or make a call. Once you decline or end the call, the data will be reconnected automatically. If you want to do other things, such as type in notes, or anything else that doesn't involve data, yes you can.

    When you are over wifi, you can talk and use internet at once.

    AT&T is the only network that allows you to talk and use the internet at once.

    • Answered by Matthew M from Chandler
    • Sep 21, 2012
  • You can multi-task while on a call, however, the Verizon network does not support web usage while you're on a call.

    • Answered by Dorothy J from Nacogdoches
    • Sep 21, 2012