do I need the iphone 4s to access the icloud to sync the calendar from my ipad?

I want to have a phone where I can easily sync my ipad (1 = original version). I know the calendar on my ipad is backed up to the cloud. According to the iphone 4s description, the 4s offers access to the icloud as if the 4 does not. Do I need the 4s or will the 4 work?

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    The 4 has access to the cloud as well. The only thing which limits access to iCloud is the operating system of the phone (you can check this by going to Settings-General-About and look at Version) the "version" needs to be at least 5.0.0 to be able to access the cloud. If you are on a lower operating system, you will have to sync your phone with iTunes in oder to upgrade the device (make sure the iTunes library you are syncing to is your home system, otherwise you will lose all data on your phone and turn it back on with someone else's data.)

    • Answered by Annie O from Madison
    • Apr 24, 2013