do you get sim card with iphone 5 when you buy it from an apple store

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    yes they give you a sim card for whichever carrier you are with.

    • Answered by Landon T from Spiritwood
    • Oct 17, 2012
  • For iPhone 5, that means a "nano sim" (smaller than both the previous micro sim, and a standard sim).

    It depends what country you're in, what carrier you're currently on (or moving to), and then if the Apple Store has any in stock. So the best advice is to phone your carrier (or new carrier) and ask them directly.

    e.g. In the UK, you just generally phone your carrier for a new nano sim which they post to you overnight, then on installing in your new iPhone 5, you call them to get your phone number switched to the new nano sim from the old sim: generally this takes around 24 hours to happen.

    And away you go.

    • Answered by James S
    • Oct 16, 2012