Does the iPhone 5 have the UMA feature that I have on my current Blackberry? (phone uses my wifi network to make calls when I'm at home)

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    No models of iPhone support UMA.

    • Answered by Nick G
    • Jan 28, 2013
  • I remember reading a while back that the iphone supported, or was being test for UMA for some European carrier. I don't know if it ever came to fruition, but UMA is a standard -- it was ratified by 3GPP and renamed to GAN (Generic Access Network I think..).

    Given this is a 3G standard, it would be really nice if Apple enabled this feature. Only T-Mobile supports it in the US (of the major carriers), but worldwide this a very popular feature from what I have read online. Let's hope Apple enables UMA/GAN soon.

    • Answered by Armand W from Riverside
    • Jan 10, 2014