How can I dock (to charge, listen to music etc) my iphone 3 if it has a protective case on it (without taking the case off).

I want to charge my iphone 3 which is currently in an otterbox protective case by placing it in a docking station. The protective case gets in the way, though. Is there any way to do this without using a cable connection. I like the convenience of just placing it on the docking station like I do with my ipod touch.


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    You can't, depending on the case and or what you are docking it to. Some docking stations have an extend port so it can fit with a case on, but not all do. I would look at the box of whatever you plan on purchasing to see what it does and doesn't support. Also if you have something like a Mophie case you can't because it blocks the port. That's why I prefer a bluetooth speaker or something like that so I don't have to mess with the case and stuff.

    • Answered by Matthew H from Spring Hill
    • Oct 4, 2014