how can i use my laptops landline to get internet on my iphone 5

I have land line internet plugged into my laptop. How can i use this internet on my Iphone 5?

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    try to search and download a software called CONNECTIFY, i used this software when i still dont have my wifi router... got my laptop an internet connection with a cable and i use that CONNECTIFY software to make a WiFi signal so i can connect my phone with it and use the internet.. its cool... btw, the latest version got time limit... the older one is free... hehe...

    • Answered by Gerson Rey B
    • Sep 7, 2013
  • You can't.
    You would need to buy a wireless router to provide yourself with wi-fi, and you can connect your iPhone 5 to the wifi.
    If by laptop, you mean Macbook (Pro, Air), then you would go to
    Settings> Sharing> Internet Sharing> Share Connection from Ethernet> To computers using wifi.

    • Answered by Andres Jr T from Yuma
    • Aug 7, 2013