How easy is it to upgrade from an iphone 3G (NOT a 3GS) to a 5? I don't want to loose all my contacts etc

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  • Required: a windows PC or Mac, old Apple 30-pin dock connector, Apple lightning charger.
    Step 1: install iTunes on your Mac or PC.
    Step 2: Connect your iPhone 3G to your computer using the 30-pin connector.
    Step 3: Click on the device tab and set up a backup of your device in iTunes
    Step 4: Connect your iPhone 5 to the same computer and set it up to your account... then restore it from your old back up.
    Step 5: Now back up your iPhone5. It will support iCloud... which easier than an iTunes back up. To set it up go to settings, iCloud, signin using your Apple ID, and finally hit back up, If you wish to use an iTunes back up. Do the same thing as with your 3G. Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Zach C from Warren
    • Jan 3, 2015