How is iPhone 5c better than iPhone 5?

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    iPhone 5c has various colours that you can choose (instead of just black & white)
    front camera for iPhone 5c has been upgraded to FaceTime HD Camera
    the price of iPhone 5c is cheaper than iPhone 5.

    • Answered by Art A
    • Oct 10, 2013
  • Keep in mind, while I answer this question I have had every iPhone and personally my least favorite was the 5C. I went through 3 iPhone 5C's in 2 months, just for its hardware issues. The 5C is plastic backing which greatly lowered the cost, also the backing did usually protect the phone without a case (NOT RECOMMENDING TO NOT GET A PROTECTIVE CASE!!!). The 5C also has a faster LTE service and comes in 5 different colors, but the overall phone I never liked. The iPhone 5 only comes in black and white, has a original LTE service, is more expensive; but with all of that said, the overall performance of the iPhone 5 personally, is MUCH better than the iPhone 5C.

    • Answered by Bailey D from Germantown
    • Dec 27, 2014
  • The Verizon iPhone 5c also has an XLTE antenna to take advantage of Verizon's new ultrafast network launched in May 2014. The iPhone 5 can only take advantage of "ordinary" 4g LTE.

    • Answered by John C from New Ringgold
    • Jul 5, 2014