I am in the merge of buying an iPhone 5s or 5c, and I have heard the iPhone 5c is not as good of quality of the iPhone 5s is that true and why

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    We'll they say that because it's plastic but the iphone 5c has a few improvements from the iphone 5 and a lot less than the iphone 5s but it still a great and reliable phone sure the iphone 5s is faster with its A7 chip but you won't notice a difference in everyday use with the iphone 5c it's still a pretty fast and reliable phone but if you want a super fast phone I would buy the 5s but in terms of what you want like if you like phones that have color go with the 5c if you want speed and better design go with the 5s I'm not trying to say the iphone is a bad phone I curently own an iphone 5c in white!

    • Answered by George G from Garden
    • Nov 14, 2013