I was wondering I guess I didnt put it in the right place but does anyone know how I can prevent someone from seeing when I read THEIR text message?

I saw there are many questions asking the opposite and I understand the other person must do that in their settings to enable someone to see or not that they read the message sent to them but I was wondering how I can stop mine from doing that, like ti opposite. Like I would rather not have someone knowing the time I read a message, is that possible and if so how. Btw, I have the iphone 5s. Thanks so much for your help as I am not technical and probably dont even know how to use 90% of the features on my phone :/ I am trying to learn though ;) I actually am asking this because I didnt even read a message and someone told me their phone told them I did but I think it may have happened only because we were texting at the same exact time and i didnt scroll up as my text was the last one sent? I dont know but I dont want this happening again so want to know how to remove that from my own preferences/settings. Thank you again.

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    If I understand the question you need to go to Settings->Messages and then make sure the SEND READ RECEIPTS switch is off (white).

    • Answered by Anthony D from Vestal
    • Mar 13, 2014