if i bought my iphone 5s from an apple store in canada could i use it in the uk with my network provider three?

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    Yes, but this all depends on if you are going to the UK permanently or just for a visit. If you are visiting, you may be able to use your same network with an International plan. It is usually very expensive, $1 per minute, (AT&T)
    for US customers. Some people buy pre-paid phones for about $40 which ends up being cheaper, although it is not your I-phone.
    The biggest issue is if your network carrier in Canada is also in the UK. For instance, the US AT&T is not in the UK, so we have to use different carriers when staying in the UK for longer periods. There is Orange and other cell phone networks. You will find they are much less expensive than in the US and Canada. ;-)
    Talk to Apple about getting a phone that you are able to change the sim cards. They should help you with this.
    You can take out the sim card and insert another sim card from another network. For security purposes, some carriers/networks make the phone unusable after the sim card is removed. So contact your network first and tell them about your plans. They should assist you in your travels.
    BTW… my daughter has a sim card/Orange network that she uses when she is in the UK. When she returns to the US, she then reinserts her AT&T sim card.
    Good luck.

    • Answered by Pamela C from Winthrop Harbor
    • Nov 19, 2013