if i brought a i phone 5 in usa would it work in uk

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    I asked that question at my carrier (AT&T) today! The response was, since it's so new Apple will not allow it to be unlocked. I have, however gotten my 4s and 3g unlocked. I gave my husband my 3g and he uses it in the UK (he just had to shave down the sim card a bit) and I use a prepaid sim on mine when I go there, I too have to shave it down, very easy.

    • Answered by Barbara H from Jacksonville
    • Sep 21, 2012
  • No it wouldn't, because the 3G/4G Network would be locked to the US, i wanted to do the same thing with the Iphone4S and they told me the very same thing im telling you now.

    • Answered by Daniel C
    • Sep 22, 2012