If i buy a Iphone 5 in the US and I want to take it back to Germany does it work in Germany

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    GSM based (ATT) Unlocked iphone 5 can be used in Germany if the phone is unlocked. If your iPhone 5 is purchased under contract with ATT you must partner with your carrier to have your phone unlocked before traveling to Germany.

    GSM is the common cell technology used in Europe. CDMA (Verizon's) is used in some countries but typically in isolated pockets.

    Goto this link to learn about all the carriers in various nations.

    Apple's website provides a complete list iPhone compatibilities. go to
    apple dot com slash support slash iPhone slash LTE

    • Answered by David M from New York
    • Apr 15, 2013
  • If the iPhone is unlocked or on a GSM carrier, for instance the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile or At&t will work out of the U.S globally. If you don't wont to go on contract then you have to buy the unlocked iPhone from the Apple store. However T-Mobile has a plan called the un-carrier plan which is not on contract and is 100$ cheaper for instance the 16GB would be 99$, the 32GB would be 199$, and the 64GB would be 299$. It's not on contract. if you don't have or want T-Mobile then you have no choice but to buy it unlocked from the Apple Store to get the iPhone from the U.S to work in Germany!!!! Hope this Helps!!!

    • Answered by Ben P from New York
    • Apr 20, 2013
  • This will also work for the 5S and 5C, correct?

    With the only shortcome being the lack of the 2600Mhz LTE frequency. Which is a problem if you want to use O2 or Vodafone LTE in Germany. Cause they use this frequency.

    • Answered by Nico S
    • Dec 1, 2013