if i buy an iphone 5 in us with No Commitment price; can it work in other countries ?

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    It may work in other countries as an iPhone of that carrier, the thing you should do, is see if the carrier you want to use has the nanoSIM, and call the carrier that your new iPhone 5, No Commiment price paid, is associated with if you buy it in the US, because carriers like AT&T may unlock your iPhone. Remember that iPhone 5 is a world phone, so it will have acces to all 3G networks, but may not have access to many LTE networks because of the requirements of that technology. It is better to contact the carrier you want to use outside the US to see if it has the nanoSIM and the carrier in the US that your new iPhone 5 will be associated with to see if that it will unlock your iPhone when you pay the No Commimment price

    • Answered by Francisco O from Durham
    • Nov 1, 2012