If I buy an iPhone 5s and currently use a windows7 ultrabook, how complicated will it be to transfer data, pics, music between the 2 devices?

I need to replace my samsung transformer & would like to try an iPhone.... all the other phones on our plan are androids & our computers are PCs. So I'll be on my own to figure stuff out. So.. will uploading between the iphone & pc be hard?

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    hi. actually its not that complicated. just hook it up to your usb port and windows 7 will recognize it just the same as a regular usb device like that of a flash drive. but if you want to sync music to upload to your phone you need to install itunes first before you can do the uploading. pics can be copied and deleted just like a regular flash drive. all you need is to browse thru your iphones memory. dont forget to eject your phone everytime you hook it up. hope this helps. many thanks.

    • Answered by Arvin G from Chicago
    • Dec 11, 2013