if I buy in the US an Iphone 6s with SIM FREE, it would work in Spain?

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    Yes, it will... :)

    However, you should be careful about the warranty terms. If that SIM Free Phone you buy in USA will break down in Spain (while still within the 1-year warranty period) make sure that they will service it in Spain.

    FYI: In some countries (like Turkey, for example) Apple will not even touch a broken SIM Free iPhone bought in the USA (or the actual case is "manufactured for the USA market"). And in most countries where a free-market exists in parallel to the official Applestores & APRs (e.g. UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the like) you must know that a lot of fresh iPhones sold in such free markets may actually be the ones manufactured for the USA market.

    • Answered by Mustafa Afak Y
    • Sep 22, 2016