If I get an unlocked iPhone 5 in the US and use a t-moible sim card.. when I move to the UK, can I just use a sim card from one of their networks?

Also, will I be able to use their data network for internet and emails?

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    Anyone who truly has a FULLY UNLOCKED mobil phone which has a sim card slot then that mobil phone no matter the brand can be used in any country with that countries sim card and data plan.

    I have a FULLY unlocked iPhone 4S purchased at Verizon in the US as I'm on my daughters family plan, and my iPhone works in whatever country I travel to including the UK. Once there I just purchase a sim card upon arrival pop it in and it works.

    Great thing is when back in the US I take out my host countries sim and pop in my Verizon sim and I'm ready to go.

    If the iPhone has the standard or the newer micro sim the company you choose (i.e.) Vodaphone, Orange, or O2 will have the correct sim for your phone.

    The technology is there for all US mobil phones to be unlocked, however that would give the owner of the phone the advantage to choose the best plan on the market and not get sucked into or stuck with the maddening 2 year service contracts.

    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Karen M from Edisto Island
    • Apr 30, 2013