I'm with Tmobile, if I buy the tmobile iphone, can I later move to a different carrier (using the same phone) later when my contract is up?

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    It depends. Most phones bought through a carrier are locked. They can be unlocked, but it is not always something you can do yourself easily. You may want to consider buying a factory unlocked phone, which will cost more but can be used on any GSM system. In the U.S. that is T-Mobile or AT&T. Outside the U.S., GSM is the standard (except in Korea), so if you travel internationally, that might make sense to you.

    • Answered by Jeffrey H from Plano
    • Jun 13, 2013
  • Yes you can buy the R-Sim chip with the tray and run it piggy back with an original nano sim. Just make sure you insert it correctly or you are in trouble.
    You don;t need to wait till the contract is over.

    • Answered by Carl M
    • Jun 12, 2013