Is iphone 5c is Cheaper?

What is meant by two year contract? am confusing with this.

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    the two year contact is how Phones are sold in the states to residents…
    you pay 99, 199, 299, 399 for a device and you pledge to pay for services for two years…
    if you are not a usa resident, then you cannot use this phone abroad and you cannot have a phone with a 2 years contract…
    so the 5c will cost you 549$ for the 16GBs and 649 for the 32 GBs...

    • Answered by Wissam C from Hamra
    • Sep 13, 2013
  • The iPhone 5C is $99 with a two year contract. That means you cannot switch to another iPhone or other phone for another 2 years, unless you pay a termination fee to cancel the two year contract. The iPhone 5C is cheaper than the iPhone 5S, but not the iPhone 4S.

    • Answered by Joey P from Randolph
    • Sep 15, 2013
  • In the United States, cell phone service providers subsidize the cost of a new phone. Take the 5C as an example. A service provider purchases a 16 DB iPhone 5C from Apple for $549. If you sign a "two year contract" with the service provider stating that you agree to be their customer for two years, (and pay them monthly for their service), they sell you the 16GB iPhone 5C for $99, the idea being that they will recoup the other $450 (and still have room for profit) from the money they make by charging you what they charge you for their service over the two years.

    • Answered by Ethan R from Merrimack
    • Sep 13, 2013
  • Its very slightly cheaper if bought unlocked (about 430 compared to over £500)
    and a 2 year contract basically means you pay about £100 for the phone but you sign up to a 2 year contract around £27+ a month and you get a tariff included e.g A certain amount of text, calls and data allowances.

    • Answered by Matt S
    • Sep 13, 2013