is there a slot for sim card in sprint iPhone 4s

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    The iPhone 4s has a sim slot on the side opposite the volume buttons. My Sprint iPhone 4s has a sim card in it, my wife's Virgin Mobile iPhone 4s (runs on Sprint's network) does not have a sim card. The sim card is apparently only for calls from GSM only locations, or so I'm told.

    To open the sim slot, you poke a paper clip in the little hole in the sim door and push hard. The drawer opens up and you pull it out. It comes all of the way out, so don't freak out when it does.

    • Answered by David A from Glendale
    • Jan 23, 2014
  • on the right side there is a little rectangle cut out with a hole in it use a small saftey pin and push it in the hole till the cutout square pops ouit there is your sim card

    • Answered by Jerry D
    • Nov 18, 2014