Is there a timer on the Iphone 5c camera?

I would like to take a picture of myself using a timer.

Would rather not use the picture of my whole self using a mirror.

Is there a timer option on the iphone 5c?

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    Your best bet would be to download the app CamMe.
    This uses your hand gesture to trigger the camera. It's a brilliant app and got a lot of publicity when it first came out for being so good. They have continued to improve it and the gesture control is really slick.

    • Answered by John B
    • May 12, 2014
  • Yes. In the latest iOS update (8.1.2 as of January 2015), the Camera app has a built-in timer that will give you either a three-second or a ten-second delay. It works with either the front- or rear-facing cameras, and when you're in the app, the setting for it is at the top of the screen just to the left of where you choose between those two.
    A three-second delay is just about long enough for getting the grimace off your face after you've pressed the shutter for a selfie, and ten seconds should give you plenty of time to balance one of the camera's flat edges on some smooth flat surface and scamper around to get into a group picture. Just remember to turn it back to off after you're through needing it, or all your next pictures will be delayed too.

    • Answered by Doug B from London
    • Jan 2, 2015
  • Yes , whenever you've updated to ios 8.

    • Answered by Stephanie M from Houston Tx
    • Nov 25, 2014
  • Set up your camera facing you on a video, then watch the video while screen shoting the desired pose/picture.

    • Answered by Susan B from Rocklin
    • Mar 3, 2014