Should I get 16 or 32 GB?

I want the iPhone 5 s and I had an iPod touch that was 32 GB and it was good but I don't know if having one as a phone would be different.

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    it really depends on what your going to use it for, because if your going to take a lot of pictures, have a lot of music, and apps, and use a lot of memory, i would get the 32 GB, but if you aren't then would get the 16GB, and save a little bit of money

    • Answered by Dillon B from Kalamazoo
    • Jan 11, 2014
  • I have the iphone 5c 16gb right now and got it in i think november well now I have no storage left because i take lots of pictures adn stuff so I am going to a bigger one when time to upgrade in few weeks. So I would recommend getting the bigger gb you would rather have too much instead of not enough right.

    • Answered by Melissa C from Cuthbert
    • Feb 12, 2014
  • Actually you can by more storage at iCloud. they'll give you 5gb at first then if you want to add more GBs then you gotta pay for it.

    • Answered by Freddy F from Santo Domingo
    • Mar 11, 2014
  • I'm having a similar Delma... But you can just buy a Mophie space pack($179) and add an extra 32 bg whenever, buy extra iCloud storage space or buy your own cloud storage device. In the long run the extra space is worth it. I just don't want to have to replace it for a long while. I'm considering a wireless seagate cloud system it's 4T for $200 and just use that as my extra storage space. At least I only have to buy it once. But in the meantime the 32 GB should hold me over.

    • Answered by Niki M from Dallas
    • May 9, 2014
  • It totally depends on what you are going to use it for, i have a 16gb iPhone 4s and that seems plenty for me. also it comes down to price and how much you are willing to pay for it. Everyone would obviously prefer a 32gb phone if they could afford it.

    Hope this helped :)

    • Answered by Sam J from Minmi
    • Jan 18, 2015
  • 32gb because its better more storage

    • Answered by Ainsley O
    • May 3, 2015
  • It totally depends on what you will use, but I think 32gb is more better because I have an iPad Air that is 16gb, and it is very bad because it doesn't let me download stuff and it doesn't let me take pictures.I got the new 128gb. iPhone 6 and Im very glad of it:)

    • Answered by Irina D from Sun Valley
    • Apr 26, 2015
  • 16gb

    • Answered by Gerald S
    • Dec 29, 2014