Should I go with 32g/64g

With 16g on 4s I never have enough storage. On iPad 4 16g never able to download movies . I have shared data plan, is this the reason there isn't enough storage on iPad?i want to change plans to exclude data sharing&get 32/64g iPhone 5s.will this help?my carrier still saying I need to have a shared data plan.i know many others who do not

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    The shared data plan doesn't have anything to do with the internal storage, which contains all multimedia like movies, songs, etc. I would definitely recommend upgrading to the 32 GB or 64GB. To determine which you should choose it depends on how many movies and media you have on it. A 2 hr movie will typically be around 2-4 GB, depending whether it is HD. Also, the iPad's downloadable applications use more memory than the iPhones, because it has to accommodate for the size of display.

    Hope this helped your decision.

    • Answered by Aidan F from Lake Mary
    • Feb 25, 2014