Warranty of iiphone 5 unlocked buy in america is available also in italy?

I'm italian and In a couple of day i'll travel to usa (los angeles) for a trip i would like to buy an iphone 5 unlocked; first of all what kind of model i have to buy for use in italy(with 4g )
and second the warranty is international? i mean if i buy an iphone and for in italy doesent't works for hardware problems can i use the warranty ?

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    Ensure that when you are purchasing the phone that you are buying an unlocked (worldwide) iphone and not one that is simply unlocked by the carrier (TIM, WIND, VODAFONE, etc.). When you get to the states I would suggest you go to an AT&T store as Verizon does not support SIM cards in their iphones (previous Verizon iPhone owner, who broke three of them, each time I looked at their internals, there is no SIM card....). Have them come up with a minute pay as you go plan to handle your travel needs if possible. You may have luck at a few other places although I have never experienced them and there for cannot speak on that. As for warranty, there is no global warranty with the slight exception of apple care. However you may be asked to return the iPhone to Italy where you purchased the device. I would be shocked if you had any luck with apple care in the US with an IT purchased iPhone as the reverse is what I am going through with my wife's phone here in Italy. She purchased her phone in the US and apple care will barely help us at all here in Italy. Good luck either way.

    • Answered by Christopher K from Apo
    • Apr 29, 2013