what is a vodafone sim card

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  • A SIM card is a GSM based wireless phone ID microchip card. Vodafone is a EU based company, mostly Italy and other EU countries. You know which country the SIM is based in by looking up its phone number. The country code will tell you. I have had an Italian Vodafone number for over ten years and it works great. However, the customer service isn't always great. Compares to t-mobile in the US. All phones in the EU are unlocked. In the EU it is illegal to see phones locked to a specific carrier as done here in the US. However, if you travel little overseas, you shouldn't worry. Oh, and mind you, a SIM card works with all US carriers except Verizon. Verizon uses the obsolete CDMA network instead of the global standard (GSM). However, even Verizon locked iPhones from 4s onwards have slots for GSM SIM cards. If you have a Verizon phone, you should consider buying a new phone and switching to another US carrier because the CDMA technology is obsolete and will gradually disappear.

    • Answered by Paolo A from Ann Arbor
    • Jan 2, 2015
  • Vodafone is a service provider and a SIM card is the method used by GSM phones to program them to work with a specific carrier. Technically speaking, you should be able to put that Vodafone SIM card into any GSM phone's SIM card slot and it will instantly become a Vodafone phone with the same phone number that was used in the previous phone used to access Vodafone service. Conversely speaking, the old phone used to access Vodafone services will then no longer be ted to a specific service because the SIM card has been removed. When a GSM phone comes packaged for a specific carrier it means that the carrier is subsidizing the cost of the phone and if you do not activate service with them, you could be liable to reimburse them for the subsidy they put up on that phone. It also means that there is a carrier specific SIM card in the package with the phone, or possibly already installed in the phone.

    • Answered by Julie D from Roswell
    • Jan 1, 2015