What is airdrop and how does it work

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    Airdrop is Apple's attempt at an NFC-like communication method. In short, Airdrop allows you to turn on wi-fi and bluetooth on your device (note, only the iPhone 5 and up are supported and the iPad 4 and iPad mini) to find other iOS users nearby that have Airdrop on as well and you can send them photos or videos or share links with them. To me, it's something that is much easier to do with iMessage. Airdrop is faster with data transfers than iMessage or email, but not very practical unless you're just using it to send yourself 40 pictures at once.

    • Answered by David V from Bonkweekwee
    • Oct 15, 2013
  • Share via Airdrop. Airdrop on your phone will allow you to send images to another Airdrop phone directly... no need to email.

    • Answered by Lisa G
    • Oct 1, 2013