What is GSM and do Canadian carriers have it?

What is the advantage to buying an unlocked ip4s if I must go to a carrier to apply for service? Why not buy an ip4s from the carrier on their terms over a fixed contract and make monthly payments? If I buy the ip4s outright from Apple, I must still make monthly payments to a carrier. Where is the advantage? I am frozen in time with an old phone because I don't know enough about Apple's technology to make an informed decision. I am also afraid of dropping and breaking an expensive piece of hardware and then having to replace it. I need a phone that I can drop, kick, run over with a car and throw up against a wall and it will still work. I live and work in such an environment with my old Motorola i580 and I need to get with the program but not with a delicate piece of instrumentation. A carrier company is trying to tell me that I need a Samsung Galaxy Rugby but I am not sure that my big fat fingers can type on that small screen and it doesn't have voice recognition like Siri. None of these carrier reps seem to know what they are talking about or how all these products work. They just seem to be pushing the high ratio bonus points product of the week and be gone the client who doesn't understand.

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    If you old phone has a SIM card then most likely you will be able to use it in the iPhone, just remove from old phone and insert into the iPhone and continue using your existing service. An unlocked phone means it is not attached to any service carrier. You may need to tell your current service that you now have an iPhone just to keep your records updated. You did not mention what service you have so you might need to call them to see if the iPhone will work with their service. Most likely it will.

    GSM is Global System for Mobile Communications. Mostly for using your phone outside of the U.S. It actually is easier to change phones when you have GSM.

    • Answered by Sandy H from Forney
    • Jul 14, 2012