What is the benefit of buying an unlocked iPhone 5? Is it only worthwhile for business travelers?

I need a new Iphone. Find it very expensive to use Rogers voice/data plans when I am in the US, or on family trips. I understand that if I have an unlocked phone, I can buy a local SIM card at airports etc, and that it is much cheaper to use. Just not sure if the cost of buying the new iPhone 5 unlocked would be worth it, vs the 3 year Rogers contract and $$ travel packages??

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    Buying an unlocked iPhone is great for anyone!!!! If you really like the iPhone but would like to use it on another network other than Rogers or In our case in the U.S, AT&T, as well as not pay subsidies for the next 2 years, the unlocked iPhone is the best choice.

    • Answered by Alex D from Jackson
    • Dec 8, 2012