Which has better battery life 4 g or 4 s I phone?

New to i phone have used 3 G it has illumination sensor problems, so I am looking for advice on buying used 4 S, or 4 G, or newer 5. Please give advice. Like to stay under $200.

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    iPhone 4 has the best battery than any other, hands down no doubt about it, no questions asked, PERIOD.

    This is because the iPhone 4 has slightly slower processing and memory than the iPhone 4S or any newer models after that, and it has less features (not a FULL HD video camera, not as fast cellular signals, no dual core processing, slower graphics and visual effects, and no Siri). All of these features take up extra resources to process and load, and put extra stress on the battery and system memory. There is simply no need for them, since these features cost extra money and are useless considering your needs and budget, and a phone is meant to be more of a phone for calling and texting instead of camera and computer processing center.

    Don't even think about the iPhone 5. It has a bigger screen by 5mm, even more advanced camera (slow motion recording, panorama, filters), enhanced graphics, and ultra-enhanced LTE cellular (which requires a special SIM card, higher priced data plan, and not all carriers and areas can support this technology anyways, and it will only matter to you when streaming movies and running games on your phone--not needed for calling and texting, or even regular Internet usage). This stuff will do no good instead of costing your wallet more, and the worst battery life. Believe me, the more stuff you load on the more power it needs to accommodate for that speed and higher performance, which is really nothing.

    If you are in need of a camera, invest your money in audiovisual equipment which is specifically meant for that purpose, and will be definitely better than the best and most expensive iPhone since it is a camera and meant for that purpose. If you are in needs of a computer, Internet, or apps, invest that money into an iPad or MacBook, plus its a bigger screen, better memory, and battery, and it is meant for that purpose.

    iPhone 4 - 300 hours system battery
    iPhone 4S - 200 hours system battery
    iPhone 5 - 225 hours system battery

    • Answered by Anonymous
    • Apr 14, 2014