Which iPhone is right for seniors?

My Grandmother is wanting an iPhone, and the features are a bit too much. Since Boxing Day is tomorrow, I really need an answer.

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    Hi…I am grandmother and have been using a 3G iPhone foe nearly 4.5 yrs. All I wanted was a phone to make calls & take calls…..I have found this phone extremely easy to navigate.
    However, I have just upgraded to an iPhone 4S….a few extra features and still easy to use…your grandmother probably only needs the 8gb unless she is wanting to take & store many photos…even on my 3G I still was able to take photos in excess of 100 and the phone was perfect. I do not think this is available any longer as I previously mentioned I have had mine greater than 4.5 years.
    Consequently, I feel the 4S would not be too difficult for her to navigate…hope this helps

    • Answered by Lillian O from Glenwood
    • Dec 26, 2013