why won't my phone go to  landscape?

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    This depends on two things first which phone you have and Two where you're at on your phone. If you have a 5s, SE, 6 or 7 the phone does not have landscape mode on the homepage or lock screen. Landscape is only available in apps on those devices. If it still won't work in apps the app doesn't allow it or you may have orientation lock on. Check to see if orientation lock is on by swiping up from the bottom to open control center and at the top on the far right is a round button with a lock, if it's red tap it to disable orientation lock. If you have a 6 plus, 6s plus or 7 plus the home screen can go into landscape mode too. If it won't for a plus device try disabling orientation lock as I previously stated.

    • Answered by Dylan R from Monmouth
    • Oct 7, 2016