Will a US unlocked iPhone 5S work in UK and South Africa?

Im looking to buy a US Phone 5S 32GB Unlocked as a retiring present for a colleague. The colleague will be travelling to UK & South Africa quite a bit and we want them to be able to interchange Pay as go SIM cards in UK and SA so they can use wherever are.

Does anyone know if US iPhone 5S will work like that in UK & SA, can't find info on site anywhere?


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  • Absolutely an unlocked iPhone would work anywhere in the world, however you have to take into consideration that the iPhone that you buy in the US is slightly different to the iPhone you buy in the UK in terms of 4G networks connections the US and Canada a few other countries use a different system for 4G so yes it's slightly different iPhones but it's very marginal.

    • Answered by Robert H
    • May 31, 2015
  • Best Answer:

    I am originally from South Africa, I now live in Canada. I travel to South Africa yearly. I was there in March 2014, and my iPhone 5s worked fine. LTE didn't work, but I got speeds of up to 20 Mb/s on 3G, which is plenty for even VoIP. So yes, the 5s does work perfectly well in South Africa, if purchased in Canada.

    • Answered by Martin C from Calgary
    • Nov 23, 2014
  • There's some info on the Apple site about which model numbers support various LTE/4G networks. The system won't let me put in a URL, but it's www dot apple dot com /iphone/LTE/

    The model that's listed as supporting the UK bandwidths only supports Sprint in the US, but Sprint uses CDMA and not GSM, so it's not clear if that model would work for GSM in the UK (presumably so, otherwise why list it?).

    But there is no detail on whether you can buy unlocked versions of these that I've been able to see.

    • Answered by Roger L
    • Sep 18, 2014
  • Yes Possible.
    Unlocked phones would work with any GSM carriers in the world

    • Answered by Nasar H from Chicago
    • Aug 17, 2014