Will a Verizon iPhone 4S work on sprint network?

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    Theoretically it is possible but in reality, they will outright refuse to activate a phone from another network. CDMA-based carriers (Verizon, Sprint) do not use SIM Cards unless it is a 4G LTE phone (iPhone 5 for example). No matter what you try to do, they will force you to buy a phone + contract from their network. Vice-versa applies as well where Verizon will deny activation of a Sprint 4S.

    I personally would stick to Verizon if I were you and this is coming from an AT&T 4S user. Your network has amazing 4G LTE coverage for when you upgrade to an iPhone 5 or its successor and there are times where my sister's iPhone 5 gets faster connections than our 18MBit u-verse but I digress.

    My sources: Speaking with Verizon and Sprint agents on the phone and in 3 different Corporate stores in the greater Los Angeles Area.

    • Answered by Karapet B from Los Angeles
    • Feb 11, 2013