will an unlocked iphone 5 work with verizon

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    Only if it uses the same radio technology as Verizon uses. Verizon and Sprint use CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and AT&T uses GSM (Global System for Mobiles). GSM phones use SIM cards onto which the carrier places user specific information. Change the SIM card to another phone and your phone number is instantly on the new phone. Decide you would like to swap phones with a family member or good friend, simply swap out SIM cards. Technically GSM phones are supposed to be carrier non-specific, so take a SIM card out of a T-Mobile phone and put it in an AT&T phone and the AT&T phone should work with T-Mobile with no need for assistance from the carrier. On the other hand, CDMA phones can be configured to be carrier specific. For instance, you can't just simply find a great deal on a Sprint phone or find one being sold at a yard sale and simply contact Verizon and have them activate it. The phone must be reprogrammed to work with a different carrier. Even if you purchase a brand new and unlocked CDMA phone from the Apple Store, it will have to be programmed by the carrier to work with their service before you can activate it on their system. Fortunately, in most cases, this can be accomplished over the air, so all it takes is a little bit of knowledge and a phone call to the provider to get an unlocked phone up and running.

    • Answered by Julie D from Roswell
    • Jan 1, 2015