Will the iPhone 5 work with Advanced App Mode on a Pioneer AVH P8400 (using the 30 pin adapter)?

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    The simple answer is NO. Today is 20 Oct 2012. I urge people to let Pioneer know this issue so they prioritize it properly in getting a solution.

    I have seen some other companies simply not come out with a fix and move onto a new model. Considering the cost, and difficulty of replacing a head unit, I hope Pioneer does not take this tactic.

    Anyway - unfortunately the new phone is not compatible yet. If you want to see the status go to Google and enter the following in the search box:

    "Apple compatibility advanced app mode"

    It should give you the first one on the list. the Google search header will have the following title:

    "Apple Compatibility | Pioneer Electronics USA"

    • Answered by Samantha S from Houston
    • Oct 20, 2012