Can I transfer my iphone apps to a new  itouch?

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    What you need to do is make sure that the Apple ID and password under which you've registered both devices are identical. Once that is done, then any app that you purchased for your iPhone FROM THE APP STORE (it has to be FROM the Apple APP STORE) is stored for you on iCloud and can be downloaded for free on your new iPodTouch.

    You can do this in two ways. You can do it immediately, by going to the App Store on the iPodTouch and tapping "purchases," then downloading whatever you want from your already-purchased list (that includes free apps -- a free app is "purchased" for $0.00). Or you can sync your iPhone and iPodTouch via your computer, assuming that you have the most up to date iTunes downloaded. First sync and back up your iPhone in iTunes, then sync and back up your iPodTouch. Of course, your Apple ID and password for the iTunes on the computer has to be the same as the one for your phone and iPodTouch.

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • Sep 28, 2013
  • yes, just transfer your apps to the itunes library and download them onto your new itouch

    • Answered by Kelly B from Sylvania
    • Sep 27, 2013
  • Yes. If you get an iPod touch and have iPhone use the same Apple ID and you can get the apps that are on your iPhone.

    • Answered by Elizabeth G from Pittsburgh
    • Oct 6, 2013