can I use TIVO with Apple TV?

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    Nope. I did try this. Already had Tivo service, HD Antennae, and wanted to add Apple TV. Turned out they do NOT play well together. Had to return the Apple TV because it really offered nothing extra to the live and recordable streaming I had already with a Tivo Premiere. And, when I tried to wirelessly access my Ipad and vice versa with Apple TV, it did not work as far as sound and video synching up. I had thought I could for instance watch my Phanfare slideshows that I stream with my Ipad on to the Apple TV and my TV screen wirelessly. Nope. I bet someone a lot smarter than I am could have made them work together. I did not have the time to fuss with it.

    • Answered by Stacey S from Loveland
    • Nov 11, 2013