Can ipod touch 5th generation call?

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    Depends on what you mean by "call" -- it doesn't have any cellular phone or data capability, but it does have WiFi. Therefore, if you have a strong enough WiFi connection, you can definitely make VOIP (voice over internet protocol) "calls." These include Face Time (both video and voice-only) -- this comes pre-loaded on the device but only lets you communicate with people who are also using OSX or iOS devices. You can also use Skype, which you can download for free from the AppStore. With Skype you can video-call other Skype users on their Skype for free, or you can call regular phones for a fee (actually very cheap). Be forewarned that Skype phone calls really require strong WiFi signals. We had some reception difficulties while trying to talk to someone while we were in Europe last year, because the WiFi signal at our hotel was mediocre.

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • Jan 8, 2014
  • yes it can only facetime audio if you have wifi

    • Answered by Terrell G from Horse Cave
    • May 29, 2015
  • no

    • Answered by Cameron S from Lexington
    • Jan 23, 2015