Can the iPod shuffle play Podcasts?

I wanna know if the ipod shuffle can play podcasts and audiobooks as well as music.

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    Yes, I believe it can. I don't see why not, and my 8th grade Language Arts teacher offered out iPod shuffles if you wanted the audiobook version of a book we were reading back in middle school.

    • Answered by Charlie H from Eugene
    • Aug 24, 2014
  • Yes it can as far as i know though only the 4th gen can on the 4th gen you hold down the voice over button and it will give you options for your music, playlists, and shuffle all music when it gets t the one you want you click the voiceover button and it automatically gives you a list of your available podcasts hope this was a good answer :) btw im 13 and an apple developer.

    • Answered by Jacob M from Waterville
    • Sep 2, 2014