Can the iPod Touch 4G "mirror" onto a TV when using an 'Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter'?

I know the iPod Touch 4G is compatible with this cable, however I am unsure if it can mirror onto the TV. Please help me solve my question.

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    I bought this product to do what you want (mirror onto the TV). Unfortunately it does not. It will only display video playback over the hdmi output. Once the playback stops at the end of the video (or if you press pause), the screen momentarily shows the pause button icon and then immediately goes black. The 720P video playback is very impressive. Too bad that Apple decided to prevent mirroring with this adapter on the Ipod Touch 4G. I am running iOS 6.1.3. I had hoped to use the adapter with a blue tooth keyboard to make a usable SSH terminal to allow me to connect to client computers when I travel. There are several free SSH apps in the App Store and They work but trying to get a 80 column by 25 line ANSI screen to be readable on the Ipod Touch is frustrating.

    • Answered by Steve F from Lee's Summit
    • Jun 30, 2013