Can you turn the Nano screen off while music is playing like on the iPod Touch?

A friend said he couldn't use his Nano while jogging because the screen stays on so the buttons on the screen were always being touched by his clothing and thus changing what he was listening to to a movie, etc. However, I have an iPod Touch and I can start my music playing and then press the power button at the top to turn the screen off while I have it in my pocket. Does the Nano have this same feature?

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    This question is a good one. The iPod nano models before the 6th generation with the click wheel have a HOLD button which prevents unintended touches, scrolling, etc. You can also use that to turn off the screen while the music is playing.

    However, iPod nano models that have touch screens have a Sleep/Wake button, which turn off the screen, also while the music is playing (in your friend's case). I hope this helps!

    • Answered by Marcelino S from Pasig City
    • May 15, 2013