Do any ipods have AM Radio capability?

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    No iPods have AM radio capabilities out of the box, iPod touch 4th, or 5th generations have the capability to run Apples Latest Software and are definitely able to receive different local and world radio stations over Wi-Fi via app. These include FM AM as well as Police and Fire Stations. I Use TuneIn, your best bet for AM stations, but anything you cant get on TuneIn you can find on iHeartRadio. iPod Touch 2 and 3 also have the capability to do so, but I can not guarantee that it is going to be supported by developers for much longer. I'd recommend picking up a 4th gen off of eBay, craigslist or other sellers for used devices. They typically run around the same price as a new Nano for 8GBs Versions of 4th gens.

    • Answered by James T from Highlands Ranch
    • Apr 11, 2013