Does iPod touch have email capability?

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    Yes, you can use the Mail app to use your e-mail.

    • Answered by Leo R from Calgary
    • Apr 23, 2013
  • Absolutely yes it does! The Mail app comes as one of the built-in apps on the iPod touch. In fact, I prefer the iPod touch version of Mail over the Mountain Lion version. You can bring in mail from multiple different accounts and sources (Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud mail, whatever) and decide whether to view them separately or combined. It will even replicate your folders (although you have to open the folders occasionally in the presence of active wi-fi to allow the app to pull in new messages in the folder; if you don't open the folder in the presence of active wi-fi,, it won't pull messages into folders if you moved them into those folders via your "regular" mail program on your computer).

    I love my little iPod touch, and I plan to use it for email while on travel. It's so much smaller and handier than an iPad, and I don't have an iPhone (yet). And the battery is great - it holds a charge for at least ten hours of usage, and much much longer on "standby." And it charges up quickly (but you have to get an adapter if you want to charge it up from a regular electrical outlet, since the charging cord has a USB fitting at the end rather than an electric plug).

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • Apr 8, 2013
  • yep

    • Answered by Stephen M from Macon
    • Apr 20, 2013
  • yes, the email app comes on the ipod you just have to press that app and put your gmail and password, and there ya go (:

    • Answered by Samie G from Green Bay
    • Apr 17, 2013