Does the iPod Nano (7th g) track calories burned using your heart rate (via heart-rate monitor),or simply based on generic formula of height & weight?

I am considering purchasing a Bluetooth Smart Chest Transmitter so that I can get an accurate heart rate and calorie burn. I am assuming that using the iPod Nano (7th g) Fitness setting is only estimating my calories burned based on the height and weight that I programed into it. Has anyone tried using a Bluetooth Transmitter with their 7th generation iPod?

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    The 7th generation iPod nano is compatible with Nike+iPod heart rate monitors. Out of the box, the iPod nano uses your provided height and weight to track calories burned, but you can pair it with a heart rate monitor that is compatible with Nike+iPod.

    • Answered by Dereck H from Alpharetta
    • Feb 3, 2013