how good is the flash on the ipod touch 5th generation?

its lame not being able to take pictures at night. how good is the flash? is worth buying one just for its flash?

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    I have the iPod touch 5th generation. I think the flash is pretty good. It is really bright, but like all flashes, it won't work well for long distance. I wouldn't buy one just for the flash. I'd would spend my money on a good camera.

    • Answered by Elizabeth M from Jasper
    • Jul 7, 2013
  • umm i dont think so.. the camera is better than the 4th generation (5MP) and the flash is really good as it can light up my whole room. but i noticed when i take pictures at night with the flash they come out blurry because they domt have time to focus. the whole ipopd is better tho, lightweight and the best apple purchase i have made.

    • Answered by Angela M from Howell
    • Feb 4, 2014