how many songs will 32gb ipod touch hold

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    I have 1673 songs, and that takes up 13.06 GB.
    Using this, 32GB iPod could hold roughly 4,099 songs.
    This is assuming there is nothing else on the iPod, and not accounting for the actual 28GB of useable space.

    • Answered by Patrick S from Mineville
    • Nov 26, 2013
  • I have 5620 songs on 32.1 GB of the ORIGINAL First Generation iPod with another 32.1 GB available. (Yep, can't add to this iPod because of OS incompatibility issues now) according to the "ABOUT" menu selection on a 64 GB model. There is no other data on this iPod except this music. I will assume that the latest generation iPods might be capable of even more. I will update this post as I plan of purchasing a new 64 GB iPod model on which to put my current music library which is much greater than the existing 5620 songs on the original iPod.

    • Answered by Theresa C from St. Augustine
    • Jan 15, 2014